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Interior Styling with Zoey Belton

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

We all know how much I LOVE beautiful interiors, so when I found Interior Stylist Zoey B on Instagram, I stalked and liked every photo and video on her feed, then I gave her a quick follow! LOL!! This Pinterest worthy page is not only beautiful but Zoey offers decor tips, giveaways and lots of funny reels. A creative at heart, Zoey has put together 6 styling tip to bring your home to life!

Interior Stylist: Zoey Belton

Instagram: GracynraeHome

Wondering where to start, get rid of all the clutter and junk

STYLING TIP# 1 - USE SOME MIRRORS Bringing in some mirrors can add light and room to your space. Using mirrors in an interior is known to help the room look like it’s much bigger than it is. "Add a few accent mirrors, preferably right across the room from a window, to brighten up your space and keep it from feeling too tight and small."

STYLING TIP #2 - PLAY WITH ACCESSORIES We get it, furniture can get expensive, but there is so much you can do with a room by just getting creative with accessories. "Get some unique decorative pieces and let your room tell a story through them." Hop down to your closest antique store and grab some pieces that are bold. You can also head to an Hobby Lobby or HomeGoods, where they have beautiful and unique decorative pieces that are incredibly affordable.

STYLING TIP #3 - ADD SOME GREEN Nothing gives a space some life like some life, literally. Add some plants to your rooms, lots of green ones that are easy to keep alive, to add a unique touch to the room. You’d be surprised how much a room looks “finished” when you add a beautiful tree to the corner of a room.

STYLING TIP #4 - EMBRACE THE LIGHT The natural light, we mean. "Don’t block out your windows with heavy drapes or hide them behind furniture." Decorate your room in a way that compliments the windows and brings the natural light in.

STYLING TIP #5 - ADD TEXTURE Use fur throws or pillows, use patterns in your fabrics, etc. "Don’t be afraid to add unique textures throughout the home." It gives your eyes something to land on as they are looking around the room. You can even use metallics! Don’t over- do it, because then it can get overwhelming. Just get a few textures that compliment each other and put them in clever places around your room.

STYLING TIP #6 - REMOVE CLUTTER A tip you’ll hear often is that "nothing brings the best out in a room better than getting rid of all the clutter and junk." If you have a hard time walking around your room or finding things, it may be time to get a few boxes and start cleaning out the things that don’t really belong.

Thank you Zoey for these amazing tips!!


XO, Share Allen Atlanta Realtor


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