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Over the last 15 years I’ve always made a conscious effort to write down a list of goals that I would like to achieve for the new year, and 2016 was no different. So at the end December I start my list of goals..This year was no different from previous years.

I start with health, self development, family, work, money, community, retirement, and Travel Travel Travel!!

With every passing year I spread myself so thin helping family and friends and this year I wanted my life to be all about me (its my time!!)

Over the last 4 years I have kept up with every dollar I spent using an app on my phone. It’s funny when you really see where your money goes. So I decided to cut the eating out (and cook at home) and the shopping (I have more than enough clothes) and use that money for traveling.

Well I made a goal to go somewhere every 1-3 month and I truly believe that when you put a goal into the universe by first writing it down, then truly believing in it, it will happen.

Here is a snapshot of how my year is rounding up:

January:  Las Vegas, NV (NYE)

At the last minute we (myself & my twin daughters) decided to drive to Las Vegas to bring in the New Year. We stayed in a nice suite off the strip, it was a non smoking hotel so I was all in!! This was my first time ever going to a night club with my girls and I wish I could say we had a ball. After all of the pushing in the club I decided to hang out in the smokey hotel lobby and enjoy some CPK. They partied and I people watched and waited until they were done. We all still had a great time, people watching in Vegas on NYE was something a good way!

February: Puerto Rico (Canceled because of Zika)

This was a trip I was really looking for to, but due to the Zika virus being in the media every 5 minutes we decided to cancel our trip. The airlines gave a full refund with no questioned asked, but its not over. I will see you soon Miss Purto Rico!

March: Bay Area

This was my daughters first time is The Bay Area, and my first time seeing the Bay Bridge. The views were incredible! I love the Bay Area, its a good change from LA. Its such a green city with amazing food and great hiking trails.

The Bay Bridge, CA

Jack London Square

April: Key West, FL

Key west is a place that I didn’t appreciate until I was an adult. My fathers side of the family is from the Bahamas and they settled in Key West, FL in the late 1800’s. So I grew up going there every winter and summer. With no cousins my age, I never really got a chance to explore the island. So I never looked forward to going. But now as an adult, I love this beautiful little island. It’s the perfect relaxing vacation place. I try to make it to visit family (my dad retired there) at least twice a year.

My Love Affair With Key West is Real.

May: Phoenix, AZ

This was my first time in this beautiful dessert, and boy is it beautiful. Met a friend from Atlanta for the Business Boutique and we enjoyed every minute of it. Packed with lots of information for woman and business, we met so many amazing woman with all kinds of businesses. It was so amazing, I bought my ticket for the November event in Nashville this fall!

June: Cancun Mexico

Ok let me start by saying that this was my first time in Cancun and I fell in love with this place! I’ve always known Cancun as a party place and I have never been a party person, so it never appealed to me. But Cancun is so beautiful. Our resort was full of nature and amazing animals just roaming around the property. This was the most relaxing trip of all of my vacations, and it was much needed.

July: Iceland, Barcelona, Girona, Paris, London

Ok I’m searching for the words to describe my 10 days in all of these amazing places…. I spent 1 day in Iceland, 3 days in Barcelona, 1 day in Paris and 2 days in London. So much history, so much beauty in each and every place, that I have to post four different post to get all of the pictures and the information to you. Give me a few days and I will have it up!!

The Last 5 Months will be in another post!!

Thank you for following my travel journey!!

August: Work

September: New York & Atlanta (Beyonce)

October: Key West

November: Nashville

December: WORK

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