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One Sure Way to Travel More.. Shop My Closet

Extra closet I purchased from Ikea for extra storage (before I added the doors)

In mid December 2015, I started thinking about my new goals for 2016. And every year I added travel to my list of goals. Well I decided that this years was going to be the year I made my travel goals happen. So I looked over my budget for 2015 and noticed (I knew) that I was spending too much money on shopping. As much as we hate to think about a budget, we all have one. Some people write it down and others know how much they want to spend on whatever.

Last New Years I decided last minute to go to Las Vegas with my daughters, and on New Years day we landed in the mall because it was about the only thing open. Well Zara was having a major sale (everyone one was having a major sale) and I did what I usually do, pick out several things that I just have to have. Went to the dressing room and tried everything on. I had over 20 pieces of clothes and couldn’t justify needing one thing. I felt like I had something similar to everything I tried on. A black skirt, a long dress, a mid dress, jeans etc… I think you get it. On that day January 1st 2016 is when I said “I’m going to shop my own closet and use the money that I would have spent on clothes this year to TRAVEL!!

And thats what I have done!

So here is a look into most my closet. I say “most” because I have things in my loft, under the bed and in drawers in my living room… (and don’t judge)

The limited closet space..

Just a few of my accessories..

Nice and contained with the doors on..

I hope this encourage you take a look into your own closet and create new looks while “Shopping Your Own Closet”


Share Allen REALTOR®

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