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Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Find out how I painted this old secondhand $10 dresser

I needed a credenza for a salon space I was working on and came across this dresser that was the perfect size. I loved the design and the quality of the wood was amazing, a very heavy nice sturdy piece of furniture. So I decided to buy it because I knew I could refinish it and make a unique piece for this space. This was my first time painting wood furniture but I knew with a little bit of homework (youtube videos) I could figure it out. So I searched online for pictures of painted dressers and decided to paint this turquoise with touches of silver.

This was my color swatch and most of the supplies I used

  • Paint trey with plastic liner

  • Paint roller

  • Paint brush

  • Small Paint roller

  • Printer for wood surface

  • Gallon Paint color [acrylic}

  • Polycrylic for high gloss

  • Silver spray paint

  • AND TIME!!!

So here she is…Old 19 something wood dresser

I had to sand out this deep scrape out of the top (this was the only sanding)

Then I removed all of the drawers, Cleaned each one with light soap and water and let them dry

 I didn’t want to sand this whole dresser so I just primed and started the painting process…

Now all primed!! It’s starting to come together!! That took all day

I applied 2 coats letting each coat dry at least 3 hours

Now it’s paint time!!!

I applied 3 coats of paint just to make sure the coats were even and no primer was coming through.

One of the handles was missing and the other one was broken. So I had to find a place that sold antique drawer pulls.

And then there was Liz Antiques on LaBrea… This place is amazing. The y have Vintage drawer pulls for everything!! I didn’t want to spend too much so They directed me to the back lower cabinet that had inexpensive pulls. I spent $6 a pull plus tax!!

I spray painted the pulls a silver

So since the pulls were the wrong size I had to drill new holes into the top two drawers {yay for me!! Electric Tools}



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