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Learn How To Create a Dramatic (but Elegant) Art Wall For ONLY $75.00

I live for a DIY project, and while I have several projects that I want to complete, I love creating thing for clients and friends. I frames some pictures 2 years ago for my own salon and a friend asked me to do the same for her space.


9 Ikea Frames (HERE) $6.99 each totaling  $68.67

9 to 12 Color Images $5.95 (this may be free if you have a printer, I went to Kinkos)

The other supplies are things I just have in my art supplies. But you could always use scissors and tape.

T Square ~ Exacto Knife ~ Self Healing Mat ~ Glue Stick

Find all of your images, I used Pinterest. Try to save images that are clear, then save the images on your computer on a program where you can resize them to fit perfect in the size frame and mat you are using. For this size frame I saved the image size at 7-1/2 by 9-1/2 and then printed them out.

Cut out each images. Open the back of the frame and take out the mat and make sure that the image fits perfect in the mat. Glue or tape the image to the center of a piece of paper while centering it in the frame. 

NOW 1 DOWN AND 8 To GO!!  Then close the back and work on the others

Below are the images I framed a salon a few years ago, and how they look hanging on the wall.

I really hope you loved this super inexpensive DIY project, its a great way to add art and style to your space


Share Allen REALTOR®

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