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With Sunrise I Rise

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

As the first breath of life, a spectacular sight,  Displacing darkness, bringing forth light,  A magnitude so powerful, yet so peaceful,  To feed life and nature, with a wondrous might.

Beyond thunderous clouds, and hidden beyond,  When the heavens are blue, and all is clear,  A sphere so astonishing, as it rises each day,  A sight more amazing, than a magical wand, 

From a glowing arc, as it rises through the dark,  Replacing emptiness, with the glow of light,  Till it reaches a height, To share the strength,  Protecting life and nature, like a heavenly ark.

Day in and day out, it continues to rise,  To perform a duty, it is meant to do,  To give us life, with a beauty so rare,  For all to adore, in the magnificent skies.

B. J. Ayers

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