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Updated: Oct 21, 2018

I’ve always enjoyed sewing, but it’s has been years since I have made clothing. It’s nothing for me to whip up some curtains or pillows. But recently I decided that I was going to get back into making clothes!! I started sewing back in middle school (last year, ok not last year lol) and by my freshmen year I received a sewing machine for Christmas. So in high school I was making all of my clothes, then I fell off the sewing train.

But now I’m back in..into the sewing game!!

I decided I was going to make a “Stella Jean” inspired skirt. Me being the person that I am, I purchased enough fabric to make 6 skirts. I’m glad I did because it really gave me a chance to practice!!

This is the fabric store where I purchased my beautiful wax print fabric. Look at all of the beautiful colors & designs. Too many choices, but I made a few good ones.

Here are the four fabrics I choose. I picked up the matching thread and zippers for each skirt.This is the pattern I used Butterick B5929

Oh I just remember why I don’t sew clothes, The directions, you do have to follow them!!

But it wasn’t so bad, I made it work.

Here are the four skirts I made so far. The first skirt I made was way too big, but it turned out cute so I gave it to a friend and it fit perfect!! (not sure how that happened)I still have fabric to make two more skirts, but looking for a different pleat for them.

I signed up for a free advanced sewing class at Mood Fabrics here in LA, to learn all of the things I have forgotten over the years. I’m 1 week in and have already learned so much. They have amazing teachers who have worked in the fashion industry and who are looking to share all of their knowledge.

Mood also offer a free sewing day every Wednesday, where you can bring your projects in and get help with your garmets

I’m so excited because it will nice to see what other people are working on.

Here is my DIY skirt styled!!Hope you Love it!!


Share Allen REALTOR®

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