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Welcome to My Blue Apron Life!!

So if you haven’t heard of Blue Apron and you enjoy cooking, then you are missing OUT!!

Ok really (I just found out a few weeks ago lol!!)

One of my clients was raving all about it and actually send me a free week of food!!

That was all it took, because now I am Hooked!!

Q; What is Blue Apron??

A: It’s a nationwide company that ships a box of fresh, pre-portioned ingredients to your door weekly with a full size recipes cards.

No more shopping list or searching for new things to cook.

Blue Apron takes all of the guess work out with healthy options.

(meals from 500 – 700 calories per serving)

This is my 1st delivery I received, I logged in online, registered and selected the 3 meals I wanted to receive. There are 6 options available weekly, 1 Beef, 1 Chicken, 1 Seafood and 3 Vegetarian.

Since I only eat chicken, they signed me up to receive vegetarian meals.

(I would love to have some chicken but after calling, I was told that I could not select a chicken with 2 veggie meals) So I guess I’m a vegetarian now.

The box was delivered on a Tuesday (you choose the day you would like it delivered) and it came right to my door.  Everything was fresh, labeled and cold.

This could have set on my door all day.

I really loved how everything was packaged and measured out.

Don’t you hate it when you find a recipe and it calls for 2T of something you can’t find or when you do find it it’s $6 and you don’t add it. It may turn out ok with out it but, you never know if the true flavors are there!! Plus I don’t buy certain things that most recipes call for like butter, flour, or sugar, and you can’t buy 2 teaspoons of anything at the store.

So I love that about Blue Apron!!

This was one of my favorite recipes by far!!

Ok I don’t know what rock I have been living under but I have never heard of Millet or Sorghum.

I love that I’m cooking new things and learning about different foods.

This was also a Yummy one!!

Everything is labeled and with the help of the recipe card, it takes an average of 30 min to complete a meal.

The coconut milk came in a powder form. I’m learning so many new cooking techniques!!

I added some shredded Pecorino Cheese and sautéed some mixed greens

My over summery of Blue Apron, after receiving my free week I actually became a member!!I have received over 6 weeks of food.I can honestly say I am enjoying my weekly meals and it’s saving me money.I still go to the store weekly to purchase fresh fruit and my almond milk. But I’m not thinking about what to cook and I’m not wasting food.

Delivery: Also if you will be out of town for a week or you just don’t want to have your delivery come, you can cancel or change your delivery schedule.

Price: It’s only $10 per meal/ per person but I have had enough food for 3 or 4 serving per dish.Not sure what part of the country your in but in Los Angeles you can’t have a sub sandwich meal for that price.

They ship (for free) to over 80% of the country ( a full map of delivery zones)

Summary: Gourmet quality food for want to be chefs who enjoy healthy alternatives!!

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