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Located in West Hollywood, this boutique salon is what I would call…Vintage meets Glam!! Starting with this Vintage wall decal this space transformed into just what the owners were looking for! So I hope you checked out my post on this $10 Find (Dresser) this Piece was used as storage for this space. As well as 2 wall cabinets from Ikea above it.

DIY Station & Dresser

This is me hanging the wall decal, this decal is perfect for temporary/renters because it’s reusable and doesn’t damage the wall. This added the much needed drama in the space!!

These are really large faces on the paper. Ok the wall decal is up now it’s time to decorate!!

In this small space I had to think about the things needed to run the day to day, so I added a snack station in the corner with a slim water cooler.

I also had the dryers mounted onto the wall to save space and give a more vintage feel.

Check out this beautiful extra large mirror (15′ x 9′) used to open up the space and give the illusion of a larger space.

I added these vases and large silver hammered art to add texture and color to the space


 I hope you enjoyed this beautiful space!!


Share Allen REALTOR®

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