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The Best Second Home Alternative (Pacaso)

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

Why Pacaso is the smarter second home alternative to a timeshare Even during a difficult macro environment, people still look for ways enrich their lives — including owning a second home. Historical data shows that real estate remains resilient. If you’ve dreamed of having a second home thought you couldn’t afford or manage one, Pacaso could be the perfect solution. Pacaso offers fully managed co-ownership of luxurious second homes. You can purchase the amount of ownership that fits your life, starting at 1/8. Pacaso manages the property, handling the maintenance, upkeep, bill payments and more. Owners share the home’s operating expenses (such as utilities and repairs), and Pacaso charges a monthly fee for its services. Because Pacaso’s model is co-ownership, one of the most common questions buyers ask is, “How is this different from a timeshare?” The Pacaso model might seem similar to a timeshare. After all, the home is shared. But that’s where the similarity ends.

First, each Pacaso is a luxurious one-of-kind home — not a room in a hotel or resort. Pacaso homes are expertly designed and come furnished with beautiful decor, offering the comfort, convenience and privacy of a real home. Second, a small owner group owns each Pacaso. A timeshare, which sells weekly blocks of use, may have 52 owners. Pacaso limits the number of shares to eight, and rentals aren’t permitted. Owners agree to a Code of Conduct to ensure they will treat the home as their own. Third, Pacaso buyers have real estate ownership. Because a timeshare is not true real estate — it’s “right to use” time — buyers are likely to see the value depreciate quickly. Fourth, owners can use their homes throughout the year. Pacaso’s scheduling app is equitable and flexible, allowing owners to plan stays up to 24 months ahead of time or book a short-notice stay just two days in advance. Timeshares typically limit bookings to specific weeks, and if they offer an exchange system, owners can expect to pay extra for more desirable dates or locations. Finally, resale is streamlined. Pacaso owners set their price, and Pacaso will list and market your share much like a whole home sale. It’s streamlined, fast and simple. Pacaso owners enjoy true second home ownership with fewer hassles. The company has homes in over 40 world-class destinations, and it’s easy to tour Pacaso homes virtually or in person. Learn more at

If you would like more information on how to get started or to tour any of our homes.

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