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Updated: Feb 16, 2019

When I found out that Ikea furniture could “HACKED” I was all over it!!

 I knew I had to find a something to “HACK “, anything to “HACK”!!

So when it was time to open our new salon I was all over this DIY.

I purchased 4 Ikea Tarva dressers and got right to work.

I had the hardest time putting one of these together so I had to call for a little help.

After these were put together I used wood glue to close the holes on the drawers (wasn’t sure what kind of pulls I was going to use). I let that dry overnight.I lightly sand the surface and painted all 20 drawers with this beautiful grey all in one Paint, I added 2 coats of paint letting each coat dry overnight.Then I decided to paint the bottom in this cranberry color to add some extra drama.

All done and ready for the finishing touches!!

While I searched around for different hacks, I came across a company that makes O’verlays for the front of Ikea furniture. They had a lot of different styles for every dresser except for this Tarva chest. So I contacted the company and they were willing to make me custom O’verlays, but since I had 4 and the cost was $85 per dresser, I knew I had to get creative. Thats about the cost of the dresser, yikes!! I love this company and how creative the furniture pieces are on their website. So please check it out!!

So here I go with my craziness, I purchased this Lattice  ($64 for 2) and found my design in this 48″ x 32″ piece. 1 will cover 2 dressers this size. I used my ruler and t-square to draw my lines, and a carpet cutter to score the lines and cut my overlays.This was a lot of work, I took this to every hardware store, art store, and even a lumber yard. They all told me because it wasn’t wood they couldn’t cut it, or it would damage their equipment.

And this is the finished product after all of that cutting!!

Next I knew I wanted to have an ombre effect, so I chose a color sample with 5 color (wasn’t sure which 4 colors) so I purchased all 5.

I purchased 1 pint color samples at $5 each.

These were perfect because it would have cost at least $12 per color.

I painted 4 overlays getting into every crack (this was work) letting it dry for 3 hours and applying another coat.

Ok don’t judge me but I love shiny things, so I lacquered the overlays. I painted the wood knobs that came with the dresser the cranberry paint on the bottom, but it looked to crafty.So I went to every Anthropologie and picked up these pulls (on clearance of course) they were $2.99 each. Anthro has the most beautiful things!!I lined up the overlays and glued them down, placing a book on each one to secure it. Then I let that dry overnight.I put the drawer pulls on and after a drive all around town I could only fine 16 pulls (remember these were on clearance) I even looked online but they were $30 each (thanks Ebay)No thank you, so I splurged on the 4 top drawer pulls at $8 each.


Hope you Love this “Hack” as much as we do!!!

Items Used

Wood Glue Paint Brush 

Lacquer Spray

Time & Paitents!!!

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