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Discover Co-Ownership

Forget Timeshares

With Pacaso, you own a home, not just a block of time. You can book stays throughout the year, not annually. And resale? It’s streamlined in partnership with a local real estate agent, and you set the price. Click below to read our interactive flipbook about the easiest way to own a second home!

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Find your second home with Pacaso

Purchasing a second home with co-ownership is sometimes a great deal with your dream!


Explore our collection of stunning single-family homes in top second home destinations. We'll help you find the perfect fit, and you decide how many shares you'd like to own.


We create a property LLC for each home, find and vet co-owners, and handle all the sales details. At closing, the co-owners enjoy 100% ownership of the home – Pacaso does not retain any shares.


We take care of furnishings, repairs, utilities and property management – you just show up and relax. Scheduling is easy and equitable with our app and SmartStay™ technology.

We Make It Simple

Start enriching your life today, not “someday”. We’re here to help you experience the joy of second home ownership. With Pacaso, you own a spectacular second home for 1/8 of the cost, while avoiding the hassels of traditional ownership.


Helping Communities Thrive

Family Playing Cricket

Owners, not renters.

Forget short-term renters. Pacaso serves homeowners and their families. They are invested in their home and bring an owner’s mindset to their use and care of the property. All owners agree to Pacaso’s policies, which prohibit rentals and large events or parties.

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